Voices of Tomorrow


Voices of Tomorrow (Karaoke Mix) UK singer/songwriter Jane Winiberg was so moved by a TV program she saw about Hayley and other children with Progeria that she decided to help. Her natural response was to write a song about Hayley, and together with friend, songwriter and producer Mark Street, they wrote the track – Voices of Tomorrow

Jane said, “I’d been in touch with Hayley’s family for a while and told them I wanted to help. I’d been toying with song ideas and trying to think of who’d be best to sing it – then whilst at a fete in the summer, I saw a fantastic kid’s choir performing. Instantly, I knew they’d be perfect and when I approached the choir master, Steve Titford, he said that he would be delighted to help.”
The choir comprises of over 100 young singers backed by their own young rock band – keyboards, drums, guitars, bass and percussion. “With three-part harmonies and punchy arrangements, it’s an amazing sound”, says Steve.

There is also a bonus video to accompany the single which will be made by Luis Amador, documentary maker for MediaLAC Productions Ltd and Belfairs High School tutor. (Click here to see the video!) Luis said, “There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving a helping hand. It’s an honour to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.”

Recording (click here to see photos from the recording session) and mastering have now been completed and the song was released at a wonderful launch concert at Belfairs High School.

All profits from this release are being donated to The Progeria Research Foundation so children like Hayley can look forward to long and healthy lives, and realize their hopes and dreams.

Thank you so much to the many people who donated their time and talents to making this song a reality:

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