Nov 102011

OMG! I was so excited today.  I Tweeted a message to my favourite band The Wanted saying ‘Wonder if @NathanTheWanted can see this Tweet. OMG what if he Retweets it, I would cry.’ And he did. I was so excited I was flapping around the living room like a chicken and mum thought I was going to explode.  I met The Wanted backstage at their concert this year and they were really nice.  I would love to meet them again.

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  1. So who is you favourite Haley?

  2. Which one is your favourite Hayley? X

  3. Hey pet i bet you had a great time, im 54 and would have loved to meet them. as the song goes young at heart!! are you looking forward to your birthday ?omg i will be 40 years older than you!!! if you are ever in glasgow would love to meet you, nice wee bit of lunch yum yum. take care . lots of love xx

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