Nov 092011

Me and Boo are best friends

Today I brought my new puppy home for the first time. Mum bought her for my birthday but I got her early. She’s an eight-week-old Chihuahua so she’s really small and really cute with big ears like a Gremlin. Our cat Tango keeps staring at her because she’s so tiny, she might think she’s a rat. Boo likes to fall asleep in my lap then wake up and lick my neck or my fingers, which is really sweet.

Boo on her new fluffy blanket

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  1. Awww Hayley, Boo is ‘BOOtiful’ ! Hope you’re ok, I’m sure Boo will put an extra spring in your step, animals always seem to help people feel better. I’m desperate to have another dog but can’t at the moment because I live in a flat & the landlord won’t allow dogs 🙁
    My mum had 2 chihuahuas when I was a teenager – Bill & Ben they were called, soooo cute, one long haired & the other smooth haired.
    I’d like a chihuahua myself but they’re not ‘macho’ enough for my husband ! Lol ! (Maybe I’ll change his mind one day !)
    Lots of love to you, Boo & all your family !

    Donna Gilbert xxx { }

  2. Oh Hayley she’s beautiful I hope you’ll have so much fun with her and loads of cuddles xxxx

  3. aw:’) she’s adorable Hayley! You deserve her!!

  4. Ah Hayley, she’s so cute. I used to have a black and white cat called BW…but it was pronounced Boo! His previous owner had named him after his colour. He was so cute and loved to be cuddled. He used to sleep on my bed every night and wouldn’t get up in the morning until I did. If my daughters were poorly or if I was unwell, he wouldn’t leave your side until you were better. I hope you have a lot of fun with your Boo. Did you name her? How did come to choose that name? Take care. x

  5. She is sooo cute! And very lucky to have such a sweet owner 🙂 You two are going to be best buddies!

  6. awwe she is lovely , thats a great pressie. xxx

  7. Awww. Good luck with her sweetie. What a wonderful gift! She will love you so much… and you will love her so much.

  8. What a lovely pressie Hayley! I am so happy for you. Keep us up to date with all her antics. Take care. Christine xxx

  9. Oh what a lovely birthday present, boo looks really at home already with her new friend, are your brother and sister helping to look after her as well?. we would like to meet you at your book signing, ( i have it already) but we live too far away. How are your hips now? i hope they are improving. we look forward to more pics of you and Boo. Lots of Love Janice & Family xxxx

  10. Dear Hayley,
    Boo is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I’m so glad you have her. Happy Birthday early!!!
    Patty Snow

  11. Two cuties,together! xx <3

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