Feb 142013

Thanks to everyone who came to my Queen of  Hearts ball last week. I had an amazing time and we raised £4,000 for the next Progeria Reunion. Thank you to Jason Fry Photography for the lovely photos

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  1. So glad you guys raised so much funds and had a wonderful time doing it. You looked so beautiful Hayley. Hope the reunion is just as wonderful!! xxxx

  2. Hail to Beautiful Queen Hayley who is dear to all our hearts !!
    Congratulations & here’s to a fantastic reunion x x

  3. well done Hayley,hope you have a wonderfull reunion all my love to you and your wonderfull,friends.and family. you are an inspiration to all, You are a beautifull young lady.luv you.xxxxxx

  4. Dear Hayley, You look lovely in your beautiful red dress and black bolero sweater! What a nice way to earn money for your reunion this year…at a ball! I am so happy you stay in touch through your newsletter/blog. I love to see photos of you and your infectious smile! Stay happy! I’m cheering you on
    from Alaska! XXX

  5. Hayley, you look so beautiful in your red dress and I’m so glad you raised so much money at the ball. You are such an inspiration to me and I only wish I could meet you and give you a big hug! I always look forward to your newsletter:) lots of love!!!

  6. Dear Special Queen Hayley sending you many hugs – you’re so pretty on that amazing gorgeuous dress. It’s like a magic when you smile, it gives us energy and happiness. Also gongratulations for this super great reunion! Hope you have wonderful spring at school and have fun with friends and family;) Lots of love from Finland 😉

  7. Your dress looks amazing Hayley! I want one

  8. Dear Hayley,
    How are you? I found your amazing life story from YouTube a few weeks ago, and since I have tried to follow it. You are so brave. And in this picture you look so beautiful and fine.
    I am a nun and this moment I am living in Rome. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all good that you do. I remeber you in my prayers.

  9. Hayley es dmirable tu fortaleza, tu espiritu y tu fe… Pido a Dios que te bendiga y te siga dando muchas fuerzas! Mi cariño para ti desde Argentina!

  10. Eres admirable!! Te mando mucho cariño y fuerza desde España para ti y tu familia.
    Espero que todo te vaya bien.
    Eres un ejemplo de superación.
    Muchos besos guapísima.

  11. You are beautiful!!! Ana. Spain.

  12. A big kiss from Barcelona (Spain) to the Queen of hearts ! We love you !

  13. You look way cool in RED! Great job of raising all the $$ for the next reunion. Hope you didn’t get too cold in Boston. Love to see you in California sometime!

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