Jan 012013

Happy New Year to everyone. Me and Mum are getting ready to fly to Boston at the weekend for results of my drugs trials. We’re hoping for some good news. Mum says it’s going to be -20 out there, so I need to wrap up warm.

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  1. the very best of luck Hayley x

  2. i hope everything will turn out ok

  3. I wish you all the best in Boston! Happy New Year 2013.My best wishes for you.From Argentina.

  4. hi Hayley,Good luck to you and your mom on your trip to boston .My wish for you good news you deserve it you are such an inspiration to childern every,From the first time I saw your story on televison a few years ago I admired and love you you are such a sweetheart,I have never known anyone so brave as you are .You are a beautiful person inside and out .Have a happy new year,all the best to you and your family in 2013.Your Friend Lorraine.

  5. It’s wonderful to know about the progress on your treatment. I’ve never been to such cool temperatures… In my country, Ecuador, we don’t have the four seasons! I wish you the very best with the results. Please, keep your hands on the grip of hope, as bravely as you’ve managed so far. God bless you and your family. Happy new year!!



  7. We are behind you here in Jackson, mo. Usa. Best of luck to you. we will be thinking about you.

  8. Happy new year to you Haley! And a belated happy birthday 🙂

  9. Happy New Year! Wow, that sounds really really cold! Safe travels to you and your mum. Boston is a wonderful city so hope you have some free time to do something fun, preferably indoors I suppose. Looking forward to more good news.
    Lynne in Abu Dhabi (where it’s really warm 🙂

  10. Hoping for good news and the best success with new treatments, You’re the best. Happy new year x

  11. I hope you enjoy your trip and bring back some good news!


  13. Wishing you all the very best, Hayley, and am praying that you get good results. Pat xx

  14. Happy New Year to you and your family, Hayley. I wish you the very best of luck with your results in Boston, you really deserve good news. I’ll keep my fingers crossed ( and everything else!) and look forward to hearing how you got on in your next newsletter. Take care and God bless, Lynn XXX

  15. Ditto everyone’s comments on the best of luck and praying for some good news. As you say, you’ll need to stay warm, that sounds realllllly cold especially since I’m live in SW Florida.

  16. Dress warm and have a safe trip♥

  17. Happy new year Hayley, all the best with your Trip, From a big fan of yours in New Zealand XX:)

  18. Dear Hayley, I hope your trip is all you hope for, and that your test results will be amazing! I am so impressed with your positive attitude and bravery (which makes me think of the new movie “Brave.” Have you seen it? The young heroine reminds me of you!). I will keep a prayer in my heart for you…Janet in Alaska

  19. Praying for you Hayley, good luck and love xx

  20. Good luck Hayley… Hope the news is good am sure it will be…. Hugs

  21. Hi Hayley, I am sure you will come back home with fantastic news, you make sure you are all snuggly and wrapped up, -20 is colder than anywhere I have ever been, have a great trip, look forward to your next post, Love and cuddles Debra xxx

  22. Dress warm, wishing the best for 2013. Have a safe trip.

  23. Wishing you & all your family a VERY Happy New Year 2013 Hayley!
    You are such an awesomely brave determined girl, an inspiration to us all… take great care, all positive thoughts are with you for a successful trip full of good news – you absolutely deserve it !!!

  24. Princess Hayley dafe filght and lotz of good luck with your treatment in Boston (you brave girl) I hope all goes well I’m sure it will. I hope you are able to have some fun and that you are able to do some shopping in Boston. Look forward to hearing how your treatment went. I enjoyed your book so much I bought 2 of your books this week for my sisters I was going to lend them mine and then thought if I did that it wouldn’t help you financially. Big hugs & kisses xoxoxoxo
    Elizabeth Rose New Zealand

  25. One big wish in the new year for you, Hayley: May the results wil be good and your health is constantly improving!!! (-: Take care! Thinking about you Lea & family from the Czech Republic

  26. All the best. Stay safe and wrap up. x x x

  27. Hi Hayley

    Happy New Year and all the very best for your trip to Boston. I hope you get good news – you deserve it. Thinking of you.

  28. Good luck Hayley and Happy New Year, with much love Ali

  29. Happy New Year Hayley! I hope you had a good Christmas with your family and friends. How exciting to hear that you’re finally going to get the results of your drug trials. We’re keeping fingers crossed here that it’s all good news. It would be lovely to see some new photographs when you get back. Take care xx

  30. Best wishes for 2013 from South Africa. I watched your story on tv tonight and felt a twinge inside me for the courage you have. I wish you all the best in life and as a firm beliver I do hope there is still more in store for you on this planet. I wish you well on your trip and life as well!

  31. Good luck Hayley and have a great trip. Hope there’s plenty of sunshine xx

  32. Hello Hayley wishing you all the best from South Africa. Let’s hope its good news.

  33. Happy New Year and lots of luck with the new treatment. I will be anxious to hear the results. <3

  34. Happy New Year Hayley and I hope your drug trials in Boston are successful. Please keep us posted – there are many of your friends who have followed your story for many years.

    Love to you, Judy

  35. You are the best. Thank you for teaching all of us how we should live. You are my inspiration.
    Have the best 2013, I will be thinking about you. Love to you and your family, Brenda

  36. happy New year . just read your book, all the best for your trip to America.Carol in Lincolnshire, Uk

  37. Hi Hayley!! I’m from Brasil, and part of the huge crowd that wants to see you well! Thank you for sharing your story with us, it’s very important to see strong people like you who see life differently, wider. I wish you the best, and God bless this year for you and your family!

  38. Happy New Year Hayley. Read your book recently and was very impressed with how you have coped with your illness and all the wonderful things you have done. My partner is now reading the book and enjoying it as well. Hope your new treatment is going well and like everyone else hope to hear how you are doing. Big hug & kisses from Yvonne Clark in New Zealand. xoxoxo

  39. Happy New Year, Hayley! I’m from Bulgaria and i see your story in Youtube, one of my friends show me the video with you and i was amazed from you, from your story, from your life and from your strength. Do you know, that you are amazing girl? Yes, you are so amazing, you are with so beautiful smile and with so big eyes full with dreams and i see this only from the video in Youtube! If i cn help to you with anything tell me! I’m with you! I want to send you a postcard from Bulgaria, to show you that people from all around the World are with you! This is my e-mail adress ronka7a@mail.bg. You can tell me your adress and i will send you a postcard, because i think you must to have something from Europe to show you how much people loves you! I wish you all the best and take care sweety. You deserve to be healthy and to make you dreams come true more then everybody, because you love the life and i’m sure the life loves you too and you will be ok! You already have friend in Bulgaria!

  40. hi hayley hope u hav an amazing time in boston i think u will enjoy the visit .
    please keep being an inspiration
    good luck

  41. hi Hayley, me and my mum have just finished reading your book. my mum got a kindle for Christmas and i typed in Great Ormond Street and found your book. I have a medical condition that has no support group even now, i felt jealous that you at least have got to know others like yourself. you are very special as am i we cope with so many tests every year. i agree with you about blood tests they are the worst it does not matter how long you have had magic cream on for it hurts. i’m jas by the way, i also bruise like you easily if i fall over.

    i hope you get the results you want from your trip to Boston. i hope your dreams come true, learning to drive a car would be cool, if you manage to get your mini pink is a good choice of colour with the union jack on the roof way cool that would be.

  42. Hello Hayley. I sure pray that you had a lovely trip to Boston and that you received encouraging news. Please let us know how everything went and how you are doing. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I bet you get tired of hearing things like that sometimes lol. Have a lovely day dear.

  43. Hayley, your zest for life is such an inspiration to me and so many people all around the world. I’m hoping that your trip to Boston held good news and precious moments. Happy New Year, I pray with all my heart that you will be blessed with another year full of treasures and memories.

  44. Gooday matey. We Aussies are right behind you so really hope the new treatment works and Very soon in time for you a very special treatment will be found which helps you in a very positive way so you live a long life with your georgeous smile.
    od bless

  45. Dearest Hayley I pray for you and your family and I have been following you since 2 years now. A few months ago I organised at the school where my children go a sale of chocolate products. we raised 100 € that were sent to progeria fondation for research. I hope your trip to Boston brought you some good news. Many people love you, you are such a lovely girl.

  46. i just readyour book. it is truly inspiring. iam13 and i live in america. your storyhas helped change me in amazing ways. i realized that if you fan wake up with sucha possative attitude theni can shape up and be a better person. gods speed & good luck

  47. Honestly your so lucky so pretty u have the most amazing blue eyes and ur thin and petite and have porcelain doll fair complexion. who’s the fairest of them all 😉 … I get made fun of in school for being obese and my ugly dark brown eyes and dark skin but you are a hero to me your gorgeous u have an amazing heart and I love u

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