Dec 242012

Hayley, aged four, and mum Kerry Christmas 2001

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for all your lovely messages and cards. I hope Father Christmas is kind to you all. I’m hoping to get Justin Beiber concert tickets in my stocking.


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  1. Wishing you a your family a very Happy CHristmas x Big hugs x

  2. Hayley..i sure hope those tickets were waiting for you….Hayley and Kerry…and family…I hope that all your dreams come true each and every Christmas…and all year thru !.

  3. Merry Christmas Hailey. Have a great Christmas. 🙂

  4. Hi Hayley – hope you had a great Christmas and you got your tickets to see Justin Beiber.

  5. Hi Hayley

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year!!!!

  6. What a lovely photo Hayley, I am sure you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  7. Hi pet i hope you had a fab Christmas, Wishing you and your family a great new year, lots of love pet, xx

    • Hayley, sweetie,
      I hope you have an awesome year in 2013. I love to hear good news about you. You inspire me and my family. Kisses, Barbara and Diego. Kisses from Brazil!!!!!

  8. Hayley hope your Christmas wishes came true and I always wish you the best

  9. Haley, Hope you got those tickets from St Nick!
    I read your book, you are such a brave young lady! Keeping you in my prayers.

  10. Hi Hayley, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas…..sure hope you got the Justin Beiber concert tickets in your stocking. Have a fabulous New Year……

  11. Princess Hayley I hope you got the Justin Beber tickets you wanted for Christmas have a Happy New Year for 2013 and I hope you have lotz more New Years I am sure you will Precious Gems Are Like Diamonds Precious And Rare ( this saying describes you) lotz of love xxxxxx

  12. Hi Hayley,Happy Birthday for the 3rd Dec.(late I know).15 years old. Cool!
    You go girl!Love Jenny Kendall

  13. Princess Hayley I hope you get the results you want when you get to Boston I’m sure you will. Wrap up really warm because a friend tells me it is very cold there at the moment. I hope you are able to have some fun there as well & most important of all that you & your Mum will be able to have some retail theraphy going shopping there would be I hope & pray that some day soon they will find a cure for Progeria for you & all the other kids. Much love & hugs xxxxxxxxx

  14. Did you get them, Haley???

  15. Dear Hayley
    Here in South Africa we got to see you on TV last night it was from 2011, wow what an inspiration you are. Right at the end you make the comment ‘ Chin Up” Hayley you have no idea how it made me feel those two words from your mouth had such an impact. Your sense of fun and laughter amazing. Beauty shines from you a beauty that most of us do not have and unfortunately will never pocess. God you bless you and thank you for giving of yourself truly you are an angel. Love Jackie

  16. Love and best wishes for the new year to you and your family, i hope you will be going to see justin, let us know the results of the tests, i hope they were good, take care and keep us informed. xxxx

  17. Have just watched your programme on TV in South Africa and am overwhelmed by your braveness. I just think you are the cutest young teenager I have ever seen and wish you only good health and happiness.

  18. hello haley I think your really inspiaring, i hope you keep smiling and live for many more years to come. by the way i love your book its really good and touching to read.hope you have a great 2013 xx

  19. Hayley, I really enjoyed seeing the documentary of his life, it is extraordinary to see their perseverance, hope, strength, joy, the way you face the disease. Know that you are an example and hope you can improve and live long. You’ll be in my prayers.
    I hope you’ve all written right words because my English is not very good, my language is Portuguese, I live in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil and my name is Isaac wouters. hugs

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