Dec 112012

Get your free copy of my book Old Before My Time now. For the next two days you can download a free copy from iTunes



  4 Responses to “Old Before My Time Free on iTunes this week”

  1. I wish this was free on the Android market. I would love to read it.

  2. Hayley, your book is very very interesting. I enjoyed reading your book. It’s moving. I loved the chapter of your mum then told by you. I learned about progeria. I admire your courage. I admire the courage of your mum. You are so strong. You are an example of courage and strength. Thank you for all. Kisses. Angy

  3. i think it’s not a problem to buy a book about such a brave girl 🙂 just get my copy from amazon

  4. Halo Hayley! I’m from Brazil and I just watched a program of you and I got so impressed with your courage, strenght and your big talent to teach us how to live life!
    Maybe one day we can meet each other, I want an autografe!
    Thank You so much to exist And be this exemple of my life forever!
    Lots of lovies

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