May 092012

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  1. You know not everyone can do this, Hayley! When my grandchildren were younger, everyone would do this…but me! It just won’t work for me…maybe my nose is too ugly! LOL Enjoyed this picture so much!

  2. wow thats clever , well done you x lots of love to you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚ i have just tried doing that and it doesnt work my 5 year old daughter has tried also but with no luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello, my name is Louis, I am French, I am 12 years old. I saw a broadcast on what you lived, that moved me… I even cried. At the end of the broadcastI saw that you had made a book on you! I wanted to buy him but the translation in French to exist not I estimat you a lot! For me you are a person as the others, really I can ask You something .Peux-tu to send me a small message or to see a dedicated photo? At the following Adresse

    3 rue St. Fiacre

    Thank you

  4. Forgive for the traduction !! I’m french !!!

  5. That’s pretty good! I have yet to try this, perhaps it’s time I tried.

  6. Hayley…you certainly have grown since this adorable a young lady. I just finished your book…it was amazing ! i know i will read it over and over. So i am suggesting that you start taking notes for a second book one day..about your life as a teen and your hopes and that hair salon ! Someday ..God willing i will be lucky enough to meet you ! God Bless..Haley…Love…Kay

  7. I have always loved this photo of you, and even used it in a presentation I made about progeria. I agree with Kay…I’d love to read another book written by you! With love from Alaska, Janet

  8. I’m actually jealous of you! I have been trying for years to do that and haven’t been able to! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. d’awww that picture is so odarble! -^-^-

  10. Hey Hayley!
    I’m Carolyn, I’m 12 years old, and I read you’re book. You seem like a very enthusiastic and funny girl, that always looks on the bright side of things! I’ve read it a couple times now, and a few of my friends are also reading it too.
    Also, I’ve been trying to do you’re magic trick for a couple of months and still can’t do it. My sisters can, and show it off all the time. It’s quite annoying actually. But I’m still working at it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Agreeing with the both of them, I’d love to read about you’re teenage life, considering I will be turning 13 very soon. You’re books draw the reader in- which I love. Plus, it’s cool to know that someone almost our age wrote it. You’re a great writer!
    Hope you’re doing well!
    – Carolyn

  11. I just finished watching a TLC show on you. I cried my way through it, You are amazing and your personality was so much like that of my niece Gabby that I couldn’t help but to be amazed. You were 9/10 during the show which is the age of Gabby now, When the show finished I needed to know how you were doing and am so glad to hear you are in your 14th year of life! I will be buying a book to read more of your story and to help your family with my little contribution. Justin Bieber will never meet anyone so amazing in his whole life. In my whole 31 years of life I have never felt so inspired by an angel here on earth, and I’ll be giving her an extra hug when I see her tomorrow.

  12. ohh god! you look so cute! well honey you are.. hey i’m fourteen years old too.. i’m really glad to write this comment to you.. look i don’t speak english really well.. i’m from venezuela i’m learning how to speak it(: i want to tell you that i watched you on tv and i heard about your book ,i would love to buy it, i want to read it! i send you lots of kisses, and good wishes..from here.. really! from my heart i think you are really brave ,i’m your fan! i’m going to follow you on twitter!! i loved you pic!! i hope you read this!!!! my name is gabriela.. the documentary made me cry! ohh you are soo beatiful i would like to hugging you! kisses to all your friends and your parents

  13. Wow!! I’ve tried that many times and I sure can’t do it. I so often think of you and wish you God’s richest blessings. You are such a sweet girl.

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