Jun 172012

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  His proudest moment was the day I was chosen to be match mascot for his favourite team Chelsea in 2004. He said he was ‘priveleged to be my dad.’ That’s why he’s the best dad in the world.

Hayley and dad Mark at Stanford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club

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  1. Many blessings to you and yours on this fathers day and everyday.

  2. Hayley…I have been following you for quite awhile now. I remember when you were the team mascot and how proud your dad was of you. I also have seen many articles and videos which your Dad was right by your side in good and bad times. The looks on his face said it all…how much he loved you. Cherish him as he does you. He and your mother..though not together now have such an amazing love for you ..and your siblings.You are an amazing daughter !!

  3. You are amazing girl..:-) I’m happy that you have a loving father ….ps. He likes the best soccer team ever

  4. What a wonderful father God has given to Haley, this is just so great to see how you dad have stepped up to the “plate” , and I hope you had a great Father’s day! jan- California

  5. Hello angel
    You are indeed one in a million. I wish and hope I would get to meet a strong willed beautiful girl like you. You have amazing parents I see. I want you to be happy always, smile always because you are a lovely angel and my prayers are with you.
    This message is coming from Nigeria, Africa.
    All the best love

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