Jun 022012

My little sister Ruby is seven today. Happy birthday Ruby! Here’s a picture of me and Louis when mum brought her home from the hospital. Although I am her big sister, she’s bigger than me now.

Hayley with sister Ruby and brother Louis


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  1. Hi Hayley,
    Such a beautiful picture & you’re such an inspiration to myself and millions of other people… I follow your progress when I can….

    Keep on smiling….
    Lots of love

  2. Happy Birthday Ruby, may your day be filled with happiness, joy & lots of presents xx

  3. Awwww you, youre baby brother Louis and sister Ruby are very very beautiful indeed. Godbless Hayley and have a lovely time with youre new baby brother….Lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Happy birthday to ruby x

  5. Hope Ruby has a fantastic birthday, she is lucky to have you as a big sister as you have been through so much and have so many fab stories to tell her.
    You are an amazing person Hayley and I hope and pray that the new treatment you have recently had works.
    Your book is a great read and I reckon everyone should buy it as it is very thought provoking and puts life into perspective.
    Jane x

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Ruby! What a lovely way to remember your sister’s birthday and share it through your newsletter so she receives loads of birthday wishes! You are thoughtful and kind, Hayley, and Ruby is lucky you are her sister.

    I, too, hope you are enjoying success after your new treatment. I am writing a paper on progeria for a course at university, and would like to use your spoon trick photo as an illustration on a slide. I tell everyone about you when I talk about progeria; you are such an inspiration to me! And I ordered your book and can’t wait to read it when it arrives.

    Have a great day!
    Janet in Alaska XXX

  7. Hello I’m Tori and I hope Ruby had an exiting and eventful birthday!

    I read your book and it was amazing! You are an awesome and inspirational person.I look up to you as a role model and talk about you to all of my friends so they can know about progeria as well.You can email me anytime if you’d like. I would definitely recommend your book to other people.You are awesome! You rock! I wish I could meet you in person or come to one of your book signings! You are like a sister to me. You give me the power to do anything in the world and you can to.


  8. I hope Ruby had a lovely 7th birthday yesterday, did you take some pictures?, i love the one of you with ruby and louis. How are you getting on with your new wheels hayley?, post some pics soon, love to you all, Janice xxx

  9. Sorry I’m a little late- Happy Belated Birthday Ruby! Wishing her and her wonderful family happiness and health- god bless! Carolyn x

  10. im super late but happy birthday ruby

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