Apr 212012

My publishers have asked me if I would like to contribute to their new book The Celebrity Bake Book. It’s a charity book full of celebrities and their favourite cake recipes coming out in September. Already they have loads of stars involved including Jamie Oliver, Stacey Solomon, Leona Lewis, people from TOWIE, Fearne Cotton (my favourite CJ) and the lovely Lorraine Kelly. And they’ve asked me. How cool is that?

Now I have to decide what my favourite cake is. Chocolate brownies or banoffi pie? Any suggestions?


  7 Responses to “Wow! I must be a celebrity!”

  1. You really deserve it congratulations !!!!!!
    And I like Chocolate brownies but have never heard of banoffi pie so either would b great !!!!!
    😀 xxxxx

  2. How exciting! I’ve never heard of Banoffi Pie, so I vote for that one! (I have even been known to eat pie for breakfast…can’t resist it!). Keep on rockin’, Miss Hayley! XXX from Alaska

  3. Well done Haley…….I think you’d better submit Banoffie Pie so your friends above can learn of the yummy pleasure they have been missing out on!!! Now I will have to make it for dessert today – can’t stop thinking about it lol x

  4. Oh that is lovely, i like both, it depends what i fancy at the time, how about combining the two, banoffi brownies! lol. XX

  5. Oh i am a pie lover. How about banoffie pie…I will make it !!

  6. That’s super exciting! congrats!
    (If I had to choose, I’d go with the brownies. I love chocolate!)

  7. I haven’t had banoffi pie before. What is it?

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