Apr 302012
This review is from Kelly Warren in Warren MI, USA

If you are reading this review to help you decide whether or not to buy this book, BUY IT!!!!!!! Because of this book, I now follow the Progeria Research Foundation and plan to donate funds and time and anything I can do to help these kids and young adults. Read more http://www.amazon.com/Old-Before-My-Time-progeria/product-reviews/1908192550/ref=cm_cr_pr_top_recent?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines’ life with progeria

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  1. I am one of many who has been dazzled by Hayley Okines. Ever since i saw her on Barbara Walters special i have learned all about her and Progeria and am working to help be a partner to the Progeria Foundation. I am awaiting Hayley’s book i ordered. Cannot wait to read it !!

  2. i followed your story on tlc from the begging. i ordered my book in the usa in early march and it took till now to come in i started to read it and what an amazing book/story. what an amazing person you are. keep shining. i am big on causes and have dedicated my time helping to raise funds for childhood cancer. and now i am going to start looking into helping out with progeria events to raise money

    a must read book for anyone who likes to read about these things.

  3. I got Hayley’s book “Old before My time”. I could not stop reading. This book goes to the heart of Hayley’s life, her Mum and Dad’s and family. her mother Kerry had many struggles but continued to go on and take good care of her family. Hayley revealed alot about her life with Progeria. I was mesmerized by this book and plan to read it over and over. Hayley your life affects so many others with your positive outlook on life. I have started donating what i can…and am working on awareness to others. A cure will be found…and you will benefit . We all will try our best to see that happen !!

  4. Hola Hayley !! I am a violinist from the National Symphony of Costa Rica and you cannot imagine the impact your story made on me. I think you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever encounter in my life. As a musician I have met many many people who have touched my soul… however your amazing attitude towards life has no comparison. You are a living inspiration to me every day ( I carry your picture on my I phone to see your smile and remind me of the happiness you) proyect)
    Thank you for writting your book, I will definetly get it as soon as I can !! Besos desde Costa Rica. Come visit us. We have a wonderful rainforest !!!

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