Apr 042012

Hayley and Liam, one of the booksellers at Waterstones Thanet, Broadstairs

Thanks to everyone who came to the book signing at Waterstones Thanet, Broadstairs. Thanks to all the staff for being so nice – especially Gabriel. You’re a legend!


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  1. Hayley you always have such a beautiful smile. You are a true professional!! xx

  2. Hello Hayley,
    When do you think you’ll come to America? I’ll collect cans to same money to travel to a signing in America for you. I live in a small town called Bakersfield, it’s not worth looking at lol. Right now in my Public Speaking class , I’m preparing a speech about you. I’m going to record it ,so I can put it up on youtube:)
    I know you hear this a lot , but I think your a amazing beautiful person , even if you didn’t have Progeria , you would still be worth talking about:)
    Sorry I can’t write well:)
    Much Love from America
    Movie Junky aka Frances
    p.s Whats your favorite movie?

  3. My book that you wrote ..I ordered from Amazon and it will be here in May. I am excited about it and cannot wait for it to get here. I also am collecting money for you to travel to Boston for treatment. You are an amazing young lady and the reason i became interested in doing my part to help kids with Progeria. I have a FB page..actually 2 of them to bring about Progeria awareness ! For me Hayley..it started with YOU !! God Bless !

  4. hayley im in the very early stages of opening a charity for progeria in the uk and would love to meet you in person. would this be possible as you are a true inspiration. also if you do have contact with anyone else with the disease please could you help with this. although you are only young you have already achieved so much so would love for you to be involved in the starting of the charity.

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