Nov 142011

Please help us get Hayley in the bestseller charts for her 14th birthday on 3rd December.

Please right click the image and save it to your computer and then add it to your email signature, Facebook, Twitter etc

The link is

Thank you!

  5 Responses to “Please ‘Share the Power of a Wish! Get Hayley Okines in the bestseller chart for her 14th birthday.”

  1. At first, I pre-ordered the book from US Amazon, but wouldn’t get it until next March. So I cancelled that and ordered it from Amazon UK because I can’t wait to read it!

  2. I have the book – pre-ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it too! You are in inspiration Hayley. If ever there was an angel that spoke volumes to me, you are “it”! You are positive in the face of adversity. I am a Mum with a young son with long term health problems, learning disabilities and autism and although I cannot walk in your shoes, or those of your Mum and Dad, my family walks alongside of you. We share common ground. Our lives are not “normal” but we just live and when I feel a bit down or sorry for myself, I simply watch and listen to you and know that everything is possible. Thank you Hayley to you, your Mum and Dad and for just being you!

  3. im reading the book now ,cant put it down hayley is a special young lady i know i will read it several times love you x

  4. My copy arrived today from Amazon UK…it wasn’t expected to arrive till late May maybe even late June. I was so excited to get it and haven’t put it down except to gush about it facebook and to look up this page! I’m recommending it to everyone!!! Beautiful girl, beautiful book!

  5. Hi um I started to watch hayleys videos and clips on YouTube and that’s how I found out about is a very sad thing and when I herd about her book I had to read it. So that was the only thing I wished for on my birthday nothing else and i got it and it’s wonderfull.i would some day like to meet hayley for myself I am 14 years old and she has inspired me so if anybody knows if it’s possible to talk to her or her mum it would be great.Thanku

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