Mar 152012

Really chuffed  as the lovely Lorraine Kelly sent me a thank you letter saying my book is ‘brilliant’. I’m glad she enjoyed it.

Get well soon Lorraine. Mum and me miss you on TV in the mornings.

Here’s a photo of the first time I met her at the Children of Courage Awards nine years ago. Don’t we both look young!!



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  1. You are also very lovely
    have a nice weekend

    xxx yolanda from holland

  2. Hi Hayley!
    I first saw your story on youtube a couple of days ago and was amazed. You have probably heard this too many times, but you are amazing, beautiful, and inspirational. I will be turning 16 in May and its mind blowing to think of going through what you and the 40 other kids with progeria are going through. Congratulations on all of your achievements! This summer I am going to buy your book and read it! God bless you and all of your endeavors. Always remember that you are loved by many and have inspired all of them in some way or another.
    With love and luck from california,
    Alexandra <3

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