Mar 162012

Thanks to everyone who came down to Hastings Waterstones at the weekend. There was a queue of people waiting when I got there at lunchtime. One lady and her daughter even came from France for the day just to see me!!

My next book signing will be at Waterstones, Broadstairs, Kent on Monday, April 2 at 6pm. can’t wait to meet you all there.

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  1. lovely!!!!!! as the saying goes pretty in pink xxxx

  2. I think you speak of me who came from France, thank you very much, I’m very touched <33 xx
    You are a wonderful girl <3 xx

  3. I just bought your book on my Kindle, Hayley. You are truly an inspiration to everyone to never, ever give up. Congratulations on your book!

  4. Hi Hayley it was so great to meet you and your mum, you have such a beautiful smile, I hope you are still wearing Nathans necklace? x x x

    • Julie
      you are so lucky to have met Hayley. I am hoping Hayley can either get to Liverpool or Southport Waterstones so i am also able to meet her. it would mean so much to me. xx

  5. you really are a beautifull young lady, i would love to meet you but i live in cheshire. i have bought your book and it took me less than 24hours to read it,i couldnt take my head out of have a wonderfull family and you are one very brave and beautifull young lady.all my love to you and your family.xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Hayley,
    I think you speak of me who came from France, thank you very much, I’m very touched xx
    I don’t regret having made ​​the trip from France to meet you because you are a wonderful girl. xx
    I am currently reading your book, it is really well written and interesting xx

  7. dear Hayley

    i wish i could come there on April 2 Hayley, but sadly i can’t..we dont have the money for that now
    and i live far from you (i think) i life in belgium but i am sure/hope i am able to meet you someday

    greetings Natjj

    p’s you are odarble and look pretty in pink 🙂

  8. HAYLEY I just bought your book and it will arrive by April 8 to Mexico, cant wait to have it on my hands. Hopefully someday I can travel to the UK and maybe I can get to know you, I’ll be honored¡
    You’re amazing HAYLEYCH

  9. hayley,i am 13 and your story has inspired me so mutch.i live in america and i want to start helping children with progeria
    with love,Malea

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