Mar 142012


  5 Responses to “‘105-Year-Old’ Teen, Hayley Okines, Celebrates Milestone Birthday With Autobiography from Huffington Post”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

  2. I hope you got all that you wished for
    Happy Birthday

  3. hi hayley i have just finished your book and it was wonderful to read ups and downs all the different places you have been people you have met and most of your dreams have come true hope your are ok and your family hope you bring out another book
    email me bk if you want
    sending my love to you all
    leanne donlon xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Hayley

    I’m from Timmins Ontario

    i have bought your book and seen documentations and i have to say that your a big inspiration and a brave girl
    keep up the great work

  5. Oh such beautiful news for such a beautiful Princess. Have a Happy, Happy Birthday Princess Hayley!

    P.S. I just finished your book & I absolutely love it! You are such an amazing & inspiring young lady. I see where you get it, your mum is awesome, too. God Bless & Take Care! Love You <3

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