Feb 232012

I’m so excited because Mum has bought me tickets to see The Wanted in concert!
We’re going to see them at the Brighton Centre on March 5. That’s 11 more sleeps. I can’t wait!!
I hope I can get to meet them and give them a copy of my book Old Before My Time as a present.










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  1. Haley,

    You are absolutely adoreable!!! Hope all is well with your treatments and a smile is always on your face :).

    I bought 2 of your books (one for a niece & one for me). Hope you will do a book tour the US so I can get your autograph. I loved the book by the way and hope that another will follow. You have a wisdom about you that young adults do not generally possess and it is endearing to say the least. You’ve captured the hearts of millions and will always remain an inspiration to all.

    God bless you Haley Okines, you are my hero :)!!!! Best wishes & hugs!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  3. Hayley –you are an amazing person –I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert. I have your book and have read it twice. You are a true inspiration to people of all ages . Lots of Hugs xxxxx

  4. when i see your pictur i can’t help but smile. i am hoping you do a tour to the US it would be such an honor to meet you! your book was so awesome and don’t forget to ENJOY your concert. i will be thinking of you on that day…..have fun and be the best teenager you can be! love you hayley. hugs from the uUS in the state of MASSACHUSETTS! XOXOX

  5. 2 more days Hayley! I hope you have a GREAT time! I checked out your guys on youtube- very cute. Hope you check out a couple bands from my side of the world, I dedicate “Dreams” by Van Halen and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (new guy’s good, but my <3 belongs to Steve Perry 😉 ) to you. You keep rocking that headband, girl! God bless you!

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