Feb 142012

The day I started school I don’t really remember very much about it but I had a film camera following me. Mum said they were making a programme about me for television. I thought that all children went on television when they started school, until Mum told me that it was because I had progeria. When I asked what progeria was, she said it meant that I was very special because only one in eight million children had progeria and that’s why I was little and didn’t have much hair. I remember thinking that if I was special I must be a princess or something.

When I first started school I didn’t mind that I didn’t have much hair because I knew I had progeria. One day the man with the camera who was making the programme about me asked if I minded having no hair. I said, ‘It doesn’t worry me.’ Then I told him a funny story. I said ‘One day someone said to me if you had a wish what would you wish for. I said nits. Because other people have hair they can get nits and I don’t.’ The man with the camera thought that was funny. When I look at the old videos of me on TV, it makes me laugh because I was so little.


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  1. Your awesome

  2. Hayley, u arE inspiring. Thank u.

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