Jan 262012

 Nice message from Chelle’s review of the Kindle edition of Old Before My Time on Amazon:  ‘Life may not always hand you the cards you want, it’s how you handle them that matter and make the most of what you have got.’

Read more of her kind words : Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines’ life with progeria

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  1. you are such a lovely lady i wish i had the bravery you have

  2. Hi Hailey, I just watched your documentary and you touched my heart. I have seen a few docs on people with your condition, but nobody touched me like you did with your story. You are cheerful, happy and always smiling. I am 62 years old, with health problems & I too am usually a laughing cheerful person despite my disability and other life circumstances the past year. You made my heart smile with your bravery. Keep smiling..keep doing your book signing..and know you are beautiful and loved by people you don’t even know. I live in Canada so I am now going to go buy your book and I cannot wait to read it. You are an inspiration my dear!
    Love, Linda

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