Jan 122012

My doctor says I have to get a botox injection instead of having a hip operation. 

Last week me and mum went to see my consultant at the Evelina Children’s Hospital and had loads of tests again. It wasn’t the good news I was hoping for. The doctor said if I had the operation there would only be a 50/50 chance that I would be able to walk again. Me and mum decided it wasn’t worth the risk. But he said they are going to give me a botox injection in the hip to relax my muscles so my hips will be less painful.

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  1. awwe thats a real shame, i hope the injections work for you,and you dont have so much pain,xx

  2. Hi Haley, sorry it was not the good news you wanted – but really do hope it works out for the best and the pain is not so bad. Thank you for the regular updates, I may not comment on them always but I do read them and very excited for you about the book.


  3. I am sorry that things never worked out,but hang on in there darling,they never stop trying to improve these procedures! XX

  4. Hello Hayley So sorry about the op but hopefully the botox injections will help and things will be more comfortable for you. I’ve loved reading your book I got it for Christmas…..you’ll have to start on book number 2, love reading your updates Chris xxxxx

  5. Sorry to hear this sad news Hayley but to be pain free will be wonderful for you. Will you now be able to return to school so that you can be with your friends again? I do hope so.
    Well, I was indeed, lucky enough to get your book for Christmas and it made for lovely reading. I love to see a 2nd book from you and your dad – that would be lovely. Father and daughter, together. x

  6. hi haley diane just finished your book watched you on tv you are an insperation take care xx

  7. i wish you all the best in the decision you and your mum make. I’m reading your book at the minute on chapter 8 it’s really good so, you are an amazing teenager. Ness

  8. Hi Hayley, thanks for the newsletter. Hope the botox helps with your pain. I’m gonna start reading your book tonight that I got for Christmas. Always thinking of you and wishing you well, much love, Yvonne M.

  9. Hayley- I just finished your book and I have to say, I am just awestruck by the amount of courage and positivity you show the world every day. Sorry to hear about your hip! Injections are never fun, but hopefully it will help with your pain. I am excited for your next drug trial with the ‘forever young drug.’ Mostly because you’ll be coming back to Boston, which is where I live! Right now I’m in nurse practitioner school at Boston College and will be doing my child health rotation at Children’s Hospital this semester. Maybe I’ll get a chance to see you or your other friends in the trial 🙂 it would be an absolute honor to meet you! Hope you and your family (especially your puppy!) are doing well!

    Kerry- Thank you for your honesty. It was incredibly refreshing to read the true feelings and thoughts of a mother going through her child’s chronic illness. Your love for your daughter jumps off the page.

    Erin from Boston

  10. I am praying that the botox injection helps you to be pain free. I ordered your book and cant wait to read it… love to you xo

  11. Hello Hayley – the Special Princess – I really send you a big smile and hope that this botox gives some relief to your hips 😉 So sad if there is some problems on human body – however thanks to wise doctors they do miracles so many times! Thinking you many times and hope every moment that you have positive energy and funny time with your family and friends. You’re so brave young woman – its great to read your book – and these news from you. And I have told about your book so many people that I’m sure you got a new fans soon;)
    And believe together that you get a super wonderful exiting year 2012! Big hugs from Helsinki, Finland 😉

  12. HI Hayley,
    Sorry to hear your news. Hopefully the Botox will do its job and relieve your pain. I too was lucky enough to get your book for Christmas – love it. Roll on book 2! Keep updating us. All the best with your treatment. Christine xxxx

  13. Dear Hayley…Hi from across the U.S., and Western Massachusetts! I’ve been following your newsletter for awhile now, and I’m always hoping things are going well for you. Your latest treatment sounds painful, but hopefully it’ll keep you on your feet! You are so brave, Hayley; I don’t know if I could ever be as brave as you, but I guess there are times when one just has to be…please take care, and keep your brave chin up! Peace, Love, & Light, Monica Alexander

  14. Dear Hayley and family, we hope you all had a lovely christmas, lets hope the new year brings some good luck for you, and that the botox works, you are such an inspirational young lady, please let us know how it goes, fingers crossed, we look forward to your next newsletter, take care, love from Janice, Graham, Megan and Katie Berry. xxxx

  15. You are such an amazing and inspiring person. I’ve followed your story for many years and I’m thrilled everytime I see an update. Thank you for your continuous positive smile!
    Warmly, Julie Morris

  16. dear hayley-thoughts and prayers to you. hope the botax really helps. you are such an inspiration and so courageous!! just caught your tv documentary age 13 show. you are an absolute doll-
    i pray a cure is just ahead!!!! can’t wait to get your book. keep smiling-your eyes just sparkle!
    deb myers, pennsylvania, usa

  17. Hey Hayley,

    I was wondering if anyone had suggested Hyaluronic Acid supplements. They’re available in pill form. Many people find it helps with arthritis. It might be worth asking your doctor about. Just a thought. Good luck with the botox!

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