Hayley at Ball

Hayley at Ball

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  1. Lovely photograph Hayley. I hope you had a superb time. x

  2. Hayley – You look so beautiful! Red is a lovely color on you.

  3. Hi Hayley. I hope you had a lovely time – I am sure you did. Keep smiling that lovely smile. You are a great person.

  4. Haley, you look lovely—-and how about those sparkly shoes!

  5. Hayley, you are an inspiration to all of us. You are truly one of a kind. I hope you have a wonderful day and bright tomorrow..

  6. Te veo muy feliz y eso llena mi corazon de alegria, sigue siempre asi, aunque estemos lejos siempre estamos pendiente de ti, gracias por esta foto que es para nosotros una alegria maravillosa poder compartirla contigo.

  7. Dear Hayley,

    How are you? I found your story from YouTube few weeks ago and since I have tried to follow your amazing life, you are so brave.
    And this foto you look fine and very beautiful. I am very happy to see you. And thank you for all the good that you do. God bless you.

  8. Hayley you are so beautiful! ­čÖé

  9. Hola Haley. Mi nombre es Eva. Estoy en Cordoba, Espa├▒a. Acabo de ver tu documental y me he emocionado muchisimo. Animo, eres un ejemplo a seguir.

  10. hi Hayley, I’m from Barcelona, Spain. Yesterday night I saw a program about you on spanish tv. I just hope you keep as happy as you seemed on tv. Many kisses.

  11. You are very special an beautiful Hayley, you are teaching us to live life and be grateful for everything. Thank you!

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