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  1. Oh Hayley, wishing you and your Mum, an amazing Christmas, hope you find these JB tickets in your Christmas stocking!!. Loads of love and hugs. Lorna

  2. You are beautiful Halyley,Merry christmas across the miles to you today ,hope you have the merries christmas ever.All the best to you and your family in 2013.God bless you.

  3. What a little doll! You look adorable, Hayley! Such a nice picture of you and your Mum. I hope you got the Justin Beiber tickets you were hoping for this Christmas : ) XXX Janet in Alaska

  4. Happy Year!!! A kiss

  5. What a lovely picture.

  6. Hayley, I just finished your book. You are indeed an inspiration to us all. I’m wishing you health and happiness sweetheart.

  7. Hello Hayley! I hope that if you didn’t get the tickets last Christmas, you will this year. I am SO glad that the pills are working! You are amazing!


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